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COVID-19 Tests – Pre-Departure Test, Serology & Ingestion of Vaccination Record into National Registry, Others


PCR (standard & express), ART (onsite or via video) Tests, Vaccination Serology and Certification Services for travellers / others.  You may also email for Pre-Departure PCR Tests.


Ministry of Manpower Onboard Centres

As we enter the endemic phase, Bethesda Medical is continuing our partnership with the Ministry of Manpower to provide COVID vaccinationsmedical examinationsvaccination serology, and other related testing services for CMP Migrant Workers.

Covid-19 Serology Testing 

-Check on vaccination status / past infection

Public Health Preparedness Clinic PHPC

Enjoy government subsidised rates for respiratory illnesses.

About COVID-19

COVID-19 Sinopharm vaccine, Influenza 3 or 4 strains vaccines, Pneumococcal vaccines are available.

Covid-19 is particularly dangerous in elderly and immuno-compromised conditions. Seniors & those with chronic diseases should also be vaccinated against influenza and pneumococci diseases as precaution.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

Vaccination Subsidies

– Government Subsidy Programme for all Singaporeans based on National Childhood & Adult Immunisation Schedule

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