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Mobile Health Screening
Convenient, effortless & hassle-free health screening at your home or office


Remain one step ahead with vaccinations
Protect yourself against pneumonia and other serious complications. Book a vaccine appointment today.

Start your weight loss journey with a doctor
Tailor-make fitness solutions to help you achieve your weight goals.

Your Trusted Dental Care Provider
Confident smile with Brighter, Whiter & Healthier Teeth

Bethesda Medical’s Corporate Social Responsibility
Playing our part for Sustainability & the Community

New flagship clinic with comprehensive medical, radiology and dental facilities
Located at Grantral Mall @ Macpherson. Visit us today.

Maritime Time Medical Services
Medical Examinations for Seafers and for Offshore Workers. Appoint Bethesda Medical today.

Planning to take a trip Overseas?
Avoid any last-minute hassles and book your pre-departure PCR test today!

38 Margaret Drive, new development by Bethesda Medical. Find out more here. 


  • Radiology

    Diagnostic X-Rays, Mammograms, Ultrasounds & others…

  • MobileHealth

    Telemedicine, medication delivery, laboratory onsite services…

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy, ergonomics, sports injury, pain management…

  • Vaccination

    Vaccination & Preventive Medicine for Travellers …


Vaccination Subsidies

– Government Subsidy Programme for all Singaporeans based on National Childhood & Adult Immunisation Schedule

Public Health Preparedness Clinic PHPC

Government subsidised rates for respiratory illnesses

About COVID-19

COVID-19 Sinopharm vaccine, Influenza 3 or 4 strains vaccines, Pneumococcal vaccines are available.

Covid-19 is particularly dangerous in elderly and immuno-compromised conditions. Seniors & those with chronic diseases should also be vaccinated against influenza and pneumococci diseases as precaution.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

Covid-19 Serology Testing 

-Check on vaccination status / past infection


As we enter the endemic phase, Bethesda Medical is continuing our partnership with the Ministry of Manpower to provide COVID vaccinationsmedical examinationsvaccination serology, and other related testing services for CMP Migrant Workers.