• 14 FEB 20


    Pandemic Preparedness Protocol under DORSCON orange

    There is a need for medical practitioners to be on heighten alert for possible cases of COVID-19 pneumonia, given the limited community spread of COVID-19 under DORSCON orange.

    Bethesda will have a screening counter as a triage point for incoming patients and visitors.

    Each patient should be accompanied by a maximum of one other person.

    All visitors & patients will need be screened for fever, respiratory symptoms and travel history.   We will conduct visitor registration with the collection of NRIC and phone contact.


    Bethesda Medical Centre is a Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC), as well as a Swab And Send Home (SASH) Facility.


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    _⚠️Stay home as much as you can, minimise going out to malls or parks unnecessarily_

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    Please click here for Ministry of Health update regarding Covid-19 situation in Singapore.



    1.   What happens if I make a false declaration on the travel and contact history?

    • The Infectious Disease Act requires a person who has reason to suspect that he is a case or carrier of  COVID-19, or has contact with a person with COVID-19, to act in a responsible manner to not expose other persons to the risk of infection by the disease.

    2.   If patients suspect they have symptoms, can they be encouraged to call the hotline for ambulance to fetch them to NCID / TTSH / KKWCH instead of going to the GP clinics and infecting others in the process?

    • Patients are advised to visit a doctor at a primary care clinic for a medical assessment.
    • Patients should seek medical treatment at the hospitals’ emergency departments only for serious, urgent and life threatening emergencies.

    3.   What should you do if you require certification that you are “free from the COVID-19 virus”?

    • It is currently not possible to confirm this at the point of primary care attendance.

    4.  Should you send your employees / workers to the Hospital to be tested for COVID-19 virus?

    • Hospitals will not be administering the COVID-19 tests to individuals who are well. This is to ensure that medical facilities and resources are focused on unwell individuals who need medical treatment.
    • Do not send workers to hospitals unless it is a medical emergency. If the worker is unwell, employers should send him to a general practitioner to seek medical attention, who will make a proper assessment on whether the worker needs to be sent to the hospital.
    • Employers should monitor the health of their workers by checking their temperatures twice daily and remind them to observe good personal hygiene such as washing their hands with soap frequently.

    5.  What should I look out for after getting outpatient treatment from my GP for URTI / acute respiratory infection symptoms?

    • What you need to do:
      • Please take the medications prescribed for you (if any)
      • Drink enough fluids
      • Maintain good personal hygiene (wash your hands often) and exercise social responsibility
      • Rest at home for 5 days or until the end of your medical leave
      • Do not go out until after the end of your medical leave and only when you feel completely well
      • Please return to consult with your doctor if you are still feeling unwell at the end of your medical leave
      • If you need to leave the house, please wear a surgical mask, especially if you still have cough or runny nose
    • If your symptoms worsen: (E.g. worsening fever (≥38°C), cough, or breathlessness)
      • Call 995 for an ambulance if it is a medical emergency
      • Otherwise, put on a surgical mask and return to the same clinic for a review by private transport; refrain from using public transport (e.g. MRT or buses)

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Corporate Health Services

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