• Use high-frequency sound waves to create an image of your thyroid
  • Purpose:
    To screen high risk patients for thyroid malignancy like patients with history of familial thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) type II and irradiated neck in childhood
    To confirm presence of a thyroid nodule when physical examination is equivocal
    To differentiate between benign and malignant thyroid masses, based on their sonographic appearance.
    To differentiate between thyroid nodules and other cervical masses like lymphadenopathy, thyroglossal cyst and cystic hygroma.
    To evaluate diffuse changes in thyroid parenchyma.
    To detect post-operative residual or recurrent tumor in thyroid bed or metastases to neck lymph nodes.
    To guide diagnostic (FNA cytology/biopsy) and therapeutic interventional procedures.
  • Benefits of US thyroid:
    Safe/ No pain
  • Preparation of US thyroid:
    No fasting required
    Lie on supine position with hyperextended neck
  • Limitation of US thyroid:
    Unable to determine thyroid function(Overactive/underactive/normal)

Note: There is no blood test that can detect thyroid cancer