Telemedicine is increasingly recognised as a means to provide healthcare services more readily and in a timely manner to the population.

Chat with your trusted doctor. Do you have a quick question that does not require a trip down to the doctor.  With Telemedicine, you can open a chat or a video consult with your doctor at Bethesda Medical Centre.

Few points to note with regard to our Telemedicine service.

  1. Telemedicine service is part of a structured and well organised system and overall standard of care delivered by this system is not less compared to a service not involving Telemedicine.  Scenarios for Telemedicine include the following;
    • When a face-to-face consult is not reasonably practical
    • When face-to-face consultations are reasonably practical, the delivery of care via Telemedicine must not compromise the overall quality of care provided as compared to non-Telemedicine care delivery
  2. Some of the conditions that are not suitable for teleconsultation
    • Telemedicine is not suitable for emergency consults (eg chest pain, breathing difficulties, recurrent vomiting, severe abdominal pain).  If you require urgent medical attention, please visit us at our clinic, or call 995, or visit your nearest doctor or A&E.
    • This service is not for mental health conditions, please arrange for a face-to-face consultation with your doctor if you need mental health support.
    • Minors should be seen with their parent / guardian.
  3. Privacy & Confidentiality
    • With our Telemedicine service, your healthcare data is secure.  All communications between the mobile apps and our MaNaDr’s servers are secured by 256 bit SSL.
  4. Patient authentication
    • You will need to should us your official photo identification using your device camera at the start of the telemedicine to verify your identity.
  5. Medication management & delivery
    • Medication can be delivered to you by our medication delivery service provider.
    • Medication with addictive potential will not be delivered to patients.
  6. Medical certification
    • Electronic medical certificate can be issued by our doctors on medical grounds.

Speak to our staff regarding telemedicine services

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