Bethesda conducts Pre-Event ART Testing for church services, weddings, conferences, live performances, meetings, sports events and other events.

Pre-event testing is necessary to reduce risks of positive Covid-19 cases at events so that more activities can resume safely.  Participants going for such events will need undergo COVID-19 tests no earlier than 24 hours before the end of the event.  Antigen Rapid Test results can be available within 20 minutes.

Appointment for Pre-Event ART test at Bethesda Medical Centre


Cost of Pre-Event Test

For Large Scale Events

ActivityMax No of Attendees Max No of Attendees (without PET)
MICE (including consumer tradeshows50050
Live performanace (seated audience), pilot spectator sport event50050
Worship Services50050
Spectator Sports50050

For Wedding Events

ActivityMax No of Attendees Max No of Attendees (without PET)
Solemnisation only50050
Wedding Receptions (5 attendees per table)250Nil

Off-site Pre-Event Testing

How is it done?

a) At registration you will be given individual MOH forms, please scan in QR code on your phone

b) Enter personal particulars

c) Press submit – you should see a message indicating that you have successfully registered

d) Show this message to registration counter staff

e) Proceed to testing area and await your test

Depending on the test kits used, ART swabs can be conducted either via nasopharyngeal swabs or mid-turbinate swabs. Our ART tests are usually done via mid-turbinate nasal swab which is from the lower part of the nose and is more comfortable.

f) After testing please proceed to holding area

g) You should receive your results on your phone within 15 to 20 minutes

  • Negative results – you may proceed for your event.  Please show this message to your event organizer to be admitted to the event.  Negative result is valid for 24 hours.
  • Invalid result – you may need to repeat the ART test
  • Positive result – you will be denied entry to the event and will need to have a PCR test done.  Further instruction will be given to you then.  You will also need to self isolate until the result of the PCR test is out.

Requirement for Attendees / Patrons to enter or remain in the Event Venue

a) COVID-19 Test Result Notice (ART): Negative ART result displayed on;
b) COVID-19 Test Result Notice (PCR): Negative PCR result displayed on a Notice issued by a General Practitioner (GP) clinic;
c) PRPP ART Result Slip: issued by a GP clinic;
d) PET Exemption Notice: issued by any clinics offering ART or PCR testing services; or
e) Check in Successful or Entry Restricted banner: displayed on the SafeEntry (Business) application upon scanning with TT App/Token.

Please note that the TT APP/Token must be scanned on the device running the SafeEntry (Business) application for verification. Merely showing the TT App screen on the attendee/patron’s mobile device does not qualify as an acceptable document.

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