Family Medicine Consultation
Chronic Disease Management
Men’s, Women’s & Children’s Health
Employment & Insurance Medical Examinations
Foreign / Domestic Work Permits & Other Statutory Examinations

Health Screening
Executive & Corporate Health Screen Packages
Pre-marital / Pre-exercise Screening

General X-Rays
Bone Density – Sonometry
Body Fat Analysis
Pap Smear / Pelvic Exam
Comprehensive Blood, Urine & Stool Investigations

Adult & Children Vaccination Program
Cervical Cancer Screening & Vaccine
Accredited WHO Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

Occupational / Workplace Safety & Health
On-site Corporate Health Screening & Vaccinations
Statutory Medical Examination
Occupational Risk Assessment & Management


More Services:


Advance Care Planning
Lasting Power of Attorney

Ear & Hearing Assessment
Ear Syringing
Pure Tone Audiometry – Air & Bone Conduction Testing
Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implant Services & Hearing Conservation Programme
Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Management

ENT – Sleep Apnoea Study & Management 
Home Sleep Studies
Sleep Apnoea Management – CPAP

Eye & Specialist Ophthalmologist Assessment
Vision Test – Snellen’s, Near and Colour Vision Test
Retinal Photography – 4-in-1 test (Glaucoma, Age Related Macular Degeneration, Cataract, Diabetic Retinopathy)
Tonometry Eye Pressure Test – Glaucoma
Specialist Eye Clinic (By appointment – call 6884 4726 The Eye & Aesthetics Clinic)

Food Allergy Test
Food Allergy IgE Test
Delayed Food Allergy IgG Test
Gluten Allergy test

Gastroenterology & Liver Specialist Clinic
Urea Breath Test, Helicobacter Pylori Antibody Test
Liver function Test, Hepatitis A, B, C Screening & Vaccination
Ultrasound Liver & Gallbladder
Chronic Hepatitis B carrier  / Fatty Liver followup and management
Specialist Gastroenterology Consultation – Dr Lai Wai Kwan Vincent (By Appointment – 6337 8933 / 3235 7923)

Heart & Cardiac Screening
Cardiac, Pre-Exercise Risk Assessment
Cholesterol, Diabetes, Hypertension Screening & Management
Resting ECG & Treadmill Exercise Stress Test

Lung & Respiratory Assessment
Spirometry Lung Function Test
Nebulisation & Inhaler Therapy
Allergy Testing
Chest X-ray
COLD / Asthma chronic disease management program

Physiotherapy – (By appointment only – call 6337 8963)
Joint Mobilisation / Manipulation
Accupressure & Trigger Point Release
Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage
Ultrasound Therapy, Inferential Therapy
Neck Traction
Kinesio & Functional Taping
Workplace Ergonomic Advice, Exercise Prescription, Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Surgery & Other Procedures
In-Office Day Surgery, Wound Dressing
Excision of cysts / lumps / ingrown nails.
Electrocautery Surgery

Travel Health
Accredited WHO Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre
Travel Health Clinic