Medical Examination for NEA Licences

(Applicable to L5, L6, R1 and N3 licences)
L5, L6 Ionising radiation user licence Medical examination including blood test
R1 Ionising radiation worker Medical examination including blood test
N3 Laser user licence Medical Eye examination

Medical examination is required when applying for a new user licence or when re-applying for a lapsed user licence. The medical form may be found at the back of the licence application forms (N3, L5, L6 and R1).

For L5, L6 licences and R1 registration, please bring along with you the medical certificate form. Our clinic will arrange for a medical examination and blood test to be conducted.
For N3 user licence – Please make prior appointment with Bethesda Medical Centre in-house Ophthalmologist for the medical eye-examination.

The completed medical form should be submitted together with the other supporting documents and payments to NEA. You may wish to keep a copy of the medical form for your own reference.

Please note that:

L5, L6 licences and R1 certificate holders in the NDT industry will need to undertake a blood test annually, and submit the test results to NEA during the renewal of the licences. This annual test is generally not compulsory for workers who are not in the NDT industry.
For the renewal of non-expired N3 licence holders, annual medical eye-examination is not compulsory.
Licensees with an expired user licence may be required to submit a new medical examination report.

Useful link:

NEA information on radiation safety

Medical Examination Form For L5, L6, R1 Licence

Medical Eye Examination for N3 Laser Equipment user license

Exposure to Laser or Non-Ionising Radiation

Clinical Examination ($250):

  • Medical History of Eye
  • Colour Vision
  • Visual Acuity (far & Near)
  • Amsler Grid
  • Manifest Refraction
  • External Ocular Examination
  • Examination of Ocular Fundus
  • Examination & Certification by Ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist)