Regular Breast Cancer Screening is recommended for ladies age 40 years and above – to handle it effectively, it should be diagnosed at the early stages.

  • Purpose:
    • Screening & detection of breast cancer.
  • Preparation prior to mammogram
    • No fasting is required
    • No body power/perfume/deodorants/creams to the breasts or underarms (it may affect quality of films/distort images)
    • No jewellery around neck area.
  • During Mammogram:
    • Each breast fits onto a flat x-ray plate.  A compressor will then push the breast down to flatten the tissue.  This provides a clearer picture of the breast.  You may have to hold your breath for each picture.  You may feel some pressure or discomfort, but it is usually brief.


National Recommendations (from Singapore Cancer Society)

  • Mammogram Screening:
    • Age 40 – 49 years – Annually
    • Age 50 years and above – Once every 2 years
  • HPV Test – At least once every 5 years
  • Pap Smear Test – At least once every 3 years

Please speak to us regarding our women’s health and other breast cancer screening programme.

We also conduct mammogram screening for;