Preparation for Health Screening
  • An appointment is required for the screening
  • Do not take food and drink after 10pm on the night before the screening.
  • You may wish to collect the urine and stool bottles before the screening date.
  • Collect mid-stream urine and one scoop of stool into the respective bottles provided.-]

For Treadmill Stress Test:
– Ensure you are not on beta-blockers
– Bring along a set of running attire and shoes
– For patients with chest hair, it is advisable to shave before exam

For Ultrasound Pelvis:
– You may eat normally
– One hour before exam, drink 1 litre of non-carbonated fluids. No broth or anything dairy
– Do not empty your bladder before your exam

For Ultrasound Abdomen / Hepatobiliary System:
– Do not eat or drink 8 hours before exam
– Take medications with sips of water
– If you are diabetic, it is ok to take your insulin