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    Sleep Apnoea Study

    What is Sleep Apnoea?

    Sleep Apnoea can be thought of as an extreme form of snoring. But unlike snoring, which is mostly a relationship or quality of life issue, Sleep Apnoea is a disease with significant health implications. Snoring and Sleep Apnoea both result from vibration of soft tissue in the throat. When we fall asleep, our muscles relax, and as we breathe through the relaxed tissues in the throat, they tend to vibrate. If they vibrate a little, we snore a little. If they vibrate a lot, we snore a lot. Sleep apnoea is when they vibrate enough so that the tissue actually blocks the airway.

    Why is Sleep apnoea dangerous?

    Sleep Apnoea is dangerous because it prevents you from getting normal, restorative sleep. Every time your airway is blocked, your brain awakens you (very briefly) to re-open the airway. This disrupts normal sleep patterns and cycles. In addition, the stop breathing episodes can cause dangerous decreases in blood oxygen levels, robbing your brain and vital organs of the oxygen they require. Sleep apnoea increases your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, obesity, erectile dysfunction and even depression and anxiety. As such, Sleep apnoea must be treated.

    Stop Bang Questionnaire

    Home Sleep Study

    A home sleep study is a convenient and affordable test.  These are our home sleep study services with our sleep technologist setting up the equipment for safety and convenience.  Please visit us at our clinic and speak to our doctors regarding your health concerns.

    Type 2  Comprehensive, Unattended Home Sleep Study – with sleep architecture, ECG, etc. SGD $700.00
    Type 3  Partial, Unattended Home Sleep Study SGD $500.00