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    Ear & Hearing Assessment

    A basic hearing test or pure tone audiometry is a test to find out the softest levels of sound a person can hear at individual pitches of sounds (hearing thresholds). When a sound is heard, the person responds by pressing a button or raising a hand.

    Pure Tone Air Conduction Audiometry

    Our pure tone audiometric testing will assess hearing across the speech spectrum. In this test, you need to listen out for various beeps and sound, and to press a button as you hear them. The softest sounds that you are able to hear will be marked on a graph called an audiogram.
    Pure Tone Bone Conduction Audiometry

    This is a test to determine the area in the ear where the hearing problem lies. Hearing loss originating from the middle ear can often be medically treated. However, if the hearing loss is in the inner ear then there is a likelihood that it is a permanent hearing problem that may need to be resolved with hearing aids.

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