• 14 FEB 20

    Food Allergy

    Food Allergy is a condition that causes your immune system to treat normally harmless food as though it was a dangerous protein, virus, bacteria, or other infectious agent. The immune system response to a food allergy ranges from mild rashes to abdominal bloatedness and pain to life-threatening conditions including anaphylactic shock.

    Food allergies are common in both children and adults. Some children may outgrow their allergies as they get older.

    Overweight, stomach and bowel problems, migraine, concentration problems may be associated with delayed food allergies.

    Are you familiar with these complaints?

    Continual stomach and bowel problems (flatulence, constipation, irritable bowel), or headaches and prolonged skin problems (itchiness, neurodermatitis, psoriasis), chronic tiredness and obesity?

    These chronic symptoms may be associated with inflammatory responses due to food products in certain individuals.


    Please discuss with us regarding food allergy testing and change of diet programmes.








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