Bethesda conducts Pre-Event ART Testing for weddings, conferences, live performances, meetings, spectator sports events and other events.


Pre-event testing is necessary to reduce risks of positive Covid-19 cases at events so that more activities can resume safely.

Bethesda Medical conducts on-site pre-event COVID-19 testing.  Participants going for such events will need undergo COVID-19 tests.  These tests must be administered no more than 24 hours before the end of the event.  Antigen Rapid Test results can be available within 20 minutes.

How it is done

Depending on the test kits used, ART swabs can be conducted either via nasopharyngeal swabs or mid-turbinate swabs. Our ART tests are done via mid-turbinate nasal swab which is from the lower part of the nose and is more comfortable.

We also conduct Off-Site PCR / serology tests for companies, Ministry of Manpower, others.

  • PDT (Pre-departure testing), PET (Pre-event testing), OAT (On arrival test), PSHN (Persons on Stay-Home-Notice), RRT (Rostered Routine Test), others
  • Our swab and logistic teams are approved by MOH to conduct on-site and off-sites testing in over 30 locations across Singapore currently.
  • Our staff are experienced and trained to conduct MOH approved ART tests via Anterior Nasal Swabs.  Anterior Nasal swabs are generally more comfortable than Nasopharyngeal Swabs.
  • For Pre-Event ART Test, participants will be issued with individual cards bearing personal QR codes.  Results of the test will be transmitted to their phones or event staff can also scan those QR codes to see the participants’ results.
  • Please discuss with us regarding your pre-event ART or off-site PCR tests needs.

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