Travel Vaccination

Bethesda Medical is conveniently located in Suntec City, in the heart of CBD Singapore.  It is best noted for its extensive travel health specialist experience and personal quality travel health advice and travel vaccinations and certification for international travel.

Travel Health is about keeping safe when travelling. Preventive vaccination protects ourselves from getting potential dangerous and deadly virus infections, and at the same time reduce the risk of ourselves passing these dangerous diseases to our community.  Common or required travel vaccinations / prophylaxis include protection against Yellow fever, Hepatitis, Polio, Tyhoid, Tetanus, Diptheria, Malaria, etc.

We offer same-day on-line appointments with minimal waiting time when you arrive for your appointment.


  • Pre-travel Immunisation
  • Prevention of malaria, travel associated diarrhoea and altitude sickness
  • Yellow fever vaccination and international travel health certification (WHO booklet)
  • Travelers with special circumstances, – pregnant women, elderly, immuno-compromised individuals
  • Post-travel screening tests for travel related infections
  • Other routine vaccinations

Find out the list of vaccines available here

 If you are travelling, follow the recommendations in the Global COVID-19 Pandemic Notice, in addition to any official travel health recommendations provided by country of your destination.